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Regularly used (HMRC) UK Customs Forms

Return goods, personal belongings, or temporary imports - these are just a few examples of Excemptions and Relief that can apply to some goods arriving into the EC.

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Listed below are some more regularly used Forms:

FormForm Title
n/aImported Goods: Customs Procedures and Customs Debt >Notice 199
C104AImportation of a private motor vehicle into the United Kingdom on transfer of residence from outside the European Community (EC) Notice 3
C105ADeclaration of particulars relating to a Customs value. Notice 251 Notice 252
C110 Temporary Importation Notice of arrival of a private motor vehicle Notice 3
C1207NStanding Authority agent/freight forwarder(s) to request Deferment of Duty Payment against Importers Deferment Approval number (DAN)
C1421Inherited Goods - Claim for Relief from Duty and VAT. Notice 368
C179BRe-Importation of an unaccompanied private motor vehicle from outside the European Community Notice 3
C285Application for Repayment/Remission
C3Bringing your own personal belongings into the United Kingdom from outside the European Community (EC) Notice 3
C384Private Motor Vehicle - Application for release on payment of Customs Duty and VAT as applicable (Customs will issue a C386 for registration with the DVLA).
C389Commercial importation of Motor Vehicle from outside the European Community (EC) by a VAT Register Trader.
C89Value Build-up Sheet JCCC Paper (05) 64
C130Manual Removal Note (Import)
C514Flexible Accounting System (FAS) Payment Advice Notice 100
C1154Outward Processing Relief (OPR) Calculation Notice 235
n/aTariff Classification of classic motor vehicles of Historic Interest Notice 0505

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More Customs Forms and Public Notices

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