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Customs Freight Simplified Procedures - CFSP

Most of the information shown below has been taken from the Public Notice: 760 Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP). ukimports


What is CFSP?

CFSP allows authorised traders to gain accelerated removal or release of most third country imports by making a simplified declaration containing the minimum of details at the frontier. ukimports

Advantages of CFSP

The use of CFSP will enable you to:

  • gain accelerated release of your goods from Customs at the (air)port or at designated premises inland, subject to anti-smuggling checks
  • use CFSP in combination with normal entry and warehouse procedures to suit the needs of your business
  • achieve cash flow benefits. For example Local Clearance allows you to store goods in Temporary Storage (TS) for up to 20 days before release to a Customs procedure or use. This means that whilst the goods are in TS, you can choose the release date (and therefore the tax point date) at the most convenient time for your business
  • carry out National Transit movements under the Local Clearance Procedure using a reduced level of guarantee
  • submit frontier declarations (including National Transit) and all supplementary declarations by electronic means.
  • build a partnership with us so that assurance visits are cost effective, selected on the basis of risk, and test the completeness of internal controls, and

Please contact UK Import Services for more information on CFSP or if you have any questions, on 0845 309 6360, or email us at: ukimports

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