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SAD Harmonisation

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  • If you are new to Imports, then SAD Harmonisation is not something that you will notice happening. However, if you have imported before, then you will probably notice a few changes with regards to the way that the clearing agent declares your goods on the Customs SAD / Form C88.


    The Customs Form C88 will look the same. The boxes will have the same numbers, and any changes to layout will be subtle.

    The main changes are to the increase in data and the fact that most of the codes have changed. Why? When joining the EC we agreed to use the same Customs clearances procedures as the other EC member, well, the UK decided that the beginning of 2008 is when we, the UK, are finally to make the necessary changes.

    To see how these changes have affected the information declared on the C88, click here to read what goes into each box on the form.


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