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Shipping Personal Effects/Belongings (ToR)

The Official term of moving to the UK and bringing your Personal Belongings and/or Household Effects with you is 'Transfer of Residence'. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to ship your goods, however, we can assist with the clearance through UK Customs and then delivery here in the UK. Contact the Imports Team on: 0345 309 6360. Or email us at:

The Application Form to apply for 'Transfer of Residence (ToR)' relief, (when you move your home from outside the EU to the UK), can be found by clicking here to go to the UK Government Website.

Is it a complicated procedure?

The importation of Personal Belongings is a straight-forward procedure. So long as you have owned and used your imported goods for more that 6 months, then there will be no import Duty and VAT to pay to Customs.

FAQ: Can I claim relief from Duty and/or VAT for moving goods from my 2nd home?

A. Unfortunately, the 'Transfer of Residence' relief only applies to people who can prove residency (by way of utility bills, letter of employment etc.). Just bringing items in from a 2nd home will mean that you have to pay any duty and/or VAT due (albeit at a nominal value based on age and condition).

Remember when shipping any Personal Belongings and/or household effects, to always have a detailed packing list / inventory available, as often these items are examined by Customs. ukimports

Please contact UK Import Services for more information on shipping personal effects or if you have any questions, on 0345 309 6360, or email us at: ukimports

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