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UK Import - EC / UK (HMRC) Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs). Relief and Exemptions

Customs Procedure Codes or CPCs are used to explain to Customs, as to the reason for your goods arriving into the Country.

Each 7-digit code will immediately explain to Customs as to whether your goods are staying here in the UK permanently or temporarily, whether they are being repaired or perhaps have returned after being repaired. In fact, there are lots of CPC codes which cover a whole manner of circumstances, so it is very important that the correct code is used.

With the introduction of SAD Harmonisation from January 2008, which brought the UK in-line with other members of the EC, the CPCs used in the UK Customs Tariff have changed to the same CPC codes as used in the rest of the EC (so the old 6-digit numbers became 7-digits long).

Need assistance with Customs clearance?

If you do not yet have your own Customs Broker and are interested in us helping you to clear your goods through UK Customs, then please contact us and a member of our Imports Team will be happy to help.

If you have goods being declared to Customs, using another Customs Broker or Freight Forwarder, and have been asked for a CPC code, then you will need to go back to them to assist you to find out which one will apply. All the CPCs are listed in the Customs Tariff, which, if you are using a reputable Broker, will have access to. If they are unwilling to help you with this, then maybe it is time to find a new Customs broker!

Email a member of our Imports Team to see whether your goods are eligible and to find out what UK Customs Forms need to be completed in order for Customs to clear your goods.


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