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Completing a Form C88 / C21

When goods are declared to UK Customs, their details are submitted using the C88 for a full declaration, or a C21 for a simplified declaration.

The goods themselves, together with the circumstances surrounding why the goods are being shipped, dictates not only which of these forms need to be completed, but also what information is needed.

Once you know which form applies, you will soon find that a lot of the boxes which need to be completed, need a specific code and that some of the boxes need to be left blank.

On top of this, if there are any delays in your goods clearing Customs, then you could face daily storage charges, which can quickly add up.

It is for this reason that most people decide that they cannot complete it themselves and decide to use an agent or Customs broker.

This is definitely something that the team at UK Import Services can assist with.

Our experienced team are on hand to take away the stress and confusion that this may bring.

We can clear at most of the UK Container Ports, Ferry Terminals and Airports. We can even assist if you have recently purchased a vehicle from the Channel Islands, or if your parcel is held at the HWDC in Heathrow, and the UK Border Force has sent you a Notice of Arrival (with an SPP number).

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you and may be even save you money.

Please contact us by phone on 0845 309 6360, or email us at: enquiries@ukimportservices.comfor more information on completing a C88 form.

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