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  • The services we offer:

    Worldwide Shipping

    We at UK Import Services have global connections which allow us to provide a International shipping service from anywhere around the World, including collection from your supplier (if required), then ship them via your preferred mode of shipping, to the UK Port of your choosing, right the way through to delivery to your door. The methods of shipping available are:

    Air Freight - Ocean / Sea Freight - Road Freight

    If you are unsure as to most cost-effective mode of shipping, and the UK port of arrival, then our imports team will be more than happy to advise you accordingly.

    UK Customs Clearance service

    We offer a fast and efficient Customs clearance service, at a very competitive price. We will use all of our experience to clear and delivery your goods, without incurring any unnecessary costs. Which includes:

    - Completion of C21 or C88 (whichever is applicable)
    - Completion of CED / CVED (when applicable)
    - Completion of worksheets (when importing multiple items)

    - and more. Why not discuss your specific circumstances with a member of our Imports Team. ukimports

    Payment of Duty and VAT to UK Customs

    UK Customs receive thousands of payments everyday, in an attempt to clear thousands of individual shipments. If you find yourself in the situation where you have to pay import Duty and / or VAT to Customs, then we can take away the hassle of making sure that Customs not only receive your payment, but to ensure that they match the money with your shipment.

    Any delays in paying duty and/or VAT could result in additional costs being accrued through rent/storage where your goods are located. ukimports

    Post Clearance Entry Amendments / Reclaims

    There are occassions when there is a need to advise UK Customs that the circumstances surrounding the importation of goods, has changed. Or perhaps, too much duty and/or VAT was originally paid, for whatever the reason. When this happens, we are here to help. We can provide the following services:

    - Post-Clearance submission of Customs Forms to relevant department
    (e.g. to issue a C386 for motor vehicle registration with the DVLA)

    - Post-Clearance amendments and Reclaim of any over paid duty and/or VAT.


    UK Delivery

    We can arrange for your goods to be delivered to your door. Just let our Imports team know where and when you want your goods delivered, and we will give our best price. ukimports

    Up-to-date Advice and Information

    Free Advice and Information relating to your own personal circumstances. ukimports


    Don't leave it to chance!

    You have probably read enough information by now, hopefully on our site, and perhaps other sites on the net, to know that the completion of the Customs Form C88 MUST be done in accordance with strict rules and Regulations laid out by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, and all the other UK Governing bodies. And it is for this reason alone, that you shouldn't leave you goods to be cleared by just any Customs Clearance Broker or Agent that you find, or perhaps even use one just because they shipped your goods to the UK.

    We at UK Import Services Limited pride ourselves on not just fulfilling the necessary criteria to get your goods cleared, but we have set our own even higher standards to ensure that you receive a professional and personal service, every time. ukimports


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    Payment of Duty and / or VAT to Customs

    Depending on the amount payable, your clearing agent could arrange for the payment of Import Duty & VAT to Customs on your behalf.

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